Hi, I'm Jacob

I've worked in front-end web development, graphic design, project management, UX/UI design, art direction, and other related fields for over 8 years now. I just really like making things and optimizing them. Currently I'm moving towards a UX focus, but I'm always up for the right project.

A list of bullet points about me:

• I really enjoy coordinating with people. I view it as a really complex and fascinating systems design problem.

• I place extra value on effective communication and being able to explain my decision-making to less technical audiences. Boo buzzwords.

• I strive to see the whole picture during the design process. Understanding not just aesthetics and functionality, but also how those interact with engineering, strategy, resource management, and human organization.

• I get excited when I find out I was wrong about something. It means I just found a part of my process I can improve.

If you'd like to work together, shoot me a message!