Portland Rock Gym

Contracted to build an entirely new site experience for this iconic Portland climbing gym.

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I handled every step of this project, from prototyping and design through the build and launch of the new website. This heavily customized Wordpress design is based on the physical gym's architecture, typography, and color palette. Created to be modular in design, allowing interior pages to be created, updated, and published without any coding skill required. All that while reducing common load times by over 60%.

Funeral Home Sites

During my time at FuneralNet, I built and maintained a large number of business sites for clients across the US.

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I worked as a project manager and developer on 50+ web projects from responsive conversions to fully customized multi-site packages. On the technical side I also headed efforts to create and modernize a suite of new site templates to offer clients, with styles ranging all across the board from traditional to modern.


Main site for an interactive streaming media start-up. Fully resposive custon site frame, navigation, and layout.

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Contracted to create a custom framework for this new interactive streaming media company. Many features were designed to respond to the user, conveying the theme of interactive media. Fancy 100% CSS product offering displays are also fully adaptable to all screen dimensions.

We Buy Dallas

Single page style pitch site built to order for a Dallas area real estate broker. Fully responsive.

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Contracted to create a sales site based off several other sites the client picked. We worked back and forth to create a logo and color scheme based on the Dallas Cowboys NFL team. The site includes in-page navigation and a testimonials section, as well as blogging space and a contact mailing system.

Practical Web Design

A tutorial site focused on teaching the student to create a simple traditional page as fast as possible. While actually understanding some real CSS and HTML.

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After consuming a vast amount of online information regarding HTML and CSS, I found there to be a general void in extremely applicable, no frills instructional material. Most content is either quite exhaustive or so specific as to be unusable to actually create a site. This tutorial is designed to teach very novice student only the most commonly used and needed concepts, in order to get them making usable site frames (in any layout) as fast as possible. Also contains a list of all useful commonly used aesthetic effects, which are obnoxious to find elsewhere.

Travelling Tricycle Blog

A travel photo-blog to document my time in SE Asia. A custom site focused on presenting as many pictures as possible in a responsive overlapping grid arrangement

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The simple idea here was to create a cool platform to share my adventures in Southeast Asia. I decided that my primary focus would be on the pictures and using all available screen space to display them. Constructed a custom responsive site with a flexible grid system to accomplish this, all on a teeny tiny netbook while backpacking (trackpads, yuck). The finished product also features a picture based main navigation page with some parallax scroll, and a cute little JS/CSS widget that allows you to change the background colors of individual posts.